We understand that you could just buy a $20 Wheat Bag your local pharmacy or from our other "people" Wheat Bag website and give this to your pet instead of investing in a Heat It Wheat Bag set.

Regular Wheat Bags are just too hot for your pet and can actually cause thermal damage.  Your pet can't tell you this but your animal health provider will confirm that a regular Wheat Bag is just too hot for them.  So with that in mind we decided to step in and help our lovely furry friends.

When designing this new range, Heat It, we wanted it to be:


We could have produced a Wheat Bag similar to the ones we already make for people and sell them starting at $20, but we knew that once the Wheat Bag came into contact with any form of liquid such as water or urine then the Wheat Bag would become useless and this did not meet the criteria of "long lasting" or "effective".  Your pet may have an accident or spill a bowl of water and then the "cheap" Wheat Bag turns out to be not so cheap after all.  We also wanted to add a removable and washable cover thereby adding to the quality and durability of the product.

So what's so great about a Heat It Wheat Bag?

Heat it Wheat Bags are 100% Australia Made.  We could take our manufacturing overseas but it's our aim to to be 100% Australian Made and proud. We want to keep Australians employed and we also want to produce a high quality product.

A Heat It Wheat Bag really is worth the initial investment.  Your pet will thank you and your wallet will also be happy as a Heat It Wheat Bag stands the test of time.