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To become a wholesale customer of Heat It (Wheat Bags) you need to be in an allied field - for example, a pet shop, veterinarian, animal physiotherapist, animal boarding, animal grooming etc with a registered business and ABN.


1. Please create a customer account by clicking on the link "create an account" at the top right of this site if you have not done so already. Please ensure you enter the business name and details that you will be buying under.

Once an account has been created you are in our system.

2. Next fill out the form below so that we know you want to become a wholesale customer. Please ensure that the details you enter below match the details you entered when creating your account.

Once your details are confirmed you will be transferred to our wholesale database and you are ready to go. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to confirm and transfer you. Then simply log back in with the username and password you created and the wholesale pricing will be displayed for you to see. 
Please note there is a minimum of 5 units per order and freight is at Australia Post charges.


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