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Hi.  My name is Karen Willis and I am the owner of Wheat Bags Australia Pty Ltd.  

Wheat Bags began in 2000 with a product that was made for the general public.  Many people have used our Wheat Bags over the years and started asking about using them on their animals.  This is how Heat It was born.

I am very proud to announce that Wheat Bags Australia is the original innovator of this unique product for animals.  Heat It is the world's leading brand for pet Wheat Bags.

I worked with veterinarians and animal therapists to learn exactly how thermotherapy (heat therapy) benefits animals and the ideal temperature that the Wheat Bag needs to reach. This is where it became very interesting indeed.  Humans like a hot heat between 50-55°C - if you have ever used a Wheat Bag you will understand exactly what I mean.  But animals only like a "warm" heat.  

If a regular Wheat Bag is used on animals it is far too hot and can actually cause thermal damage.  What's the ideal animal temperature?  40°C which is not that much warmer than our body temperature - it's probably why our pets love snuggling close to us.

So I designed Heat It Wheat Bags for animals. A heating time is sewn into every bag and cover for maximum safety.  The Heat It will only reach a temperature of approximately 40°C - the ideal warm heat that animals enjoy and benefit from.

There is no electrical wiring to worry about and there is no chance of toxic poisoning from a gel pack.  If dogs ingest a gel pack it can be fatal as there are high levels of iron present.

Once your pet snuggles onto a Heat It they will keep it at a nice warm temperature for quite some time.  Heat has great benefits to animals in a therapeutic sense but also it can help with separation anxiety.  It is also beneficial for very young animals and newborns.

I am so proud to be able to offer an affordable, natural, high quality Australian made product.  I hope your pet enjoys!


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