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Heat It®is so simple to use, Just Heat and Treat®

Heat therapy, or “Thermotherapy” is one of the most effective forms of treatment.  Heat therapy has been long associated with comfort and relaxation but it also goes a step further and can provide both pain relief and healing benefits for many types of muscle injuries.  Heat therapy is also a great method of providing immediate relief from sore, tight and stiff muscles and joints. 

HOW DOES IT WORK:  Heat helps the blood vessels dilate which in turn increases the flow of oxygen rich blood to the affected area.  This helps with better healing as well as quick regeneration of the damaged tissues.  In addition this increased flow of blood also provides lots of nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area, all of which are imperative to better healing.  Heat acts as a pain reliever by successfully stimulating the specialized pain receptors.  This decreases the frequency of pain messages that are sent to the brain.
Heat therapy also helps when it comes to relaxing and loosening the tissue surrounding the area being treated.  The ligaments, tendons and muscles can then move more easily which further reduces the chances of injury.  This is why using a Heat It Wheat Bag is regarded as being very effective at helping to relieve stiffness and improving flexibility in arthritic cases.

WHY IS HEAT IT SO EFFECTIVE?  We have three great sizes that suit the smallest animal to the largest dog.  Wheat has great insulation qualities due to its cellular structure, which means it can absorb heat evenly.  It then distributes this stored heat gradually and effectively.  Heat It Wheat Bags can also provide some relief from stiffness, inflammation and reduced flexibility.  

A Heat It is a simple, handy and useful way to apply heat therapy to help assist relieve pain.  Conveniently warm a Heat It in a microwave then your pet can begin to benefit from the soothing warmth.

Heat It can supplement conventional veterinarian and therapy treatments to give your pet a welcome reprieve from pain.

Heat It also provides a soothing warm heat that provides many animals with comfort and relaxation.  

Many animals suffer from separation anxiety and this stress can actually lower their core body temperature.  By using a Heat It you can establish a new routine when it is time to leave.  Simply heat and encourage your pet to sit on top, the gentle warmth will start to soothe them and this is a great tool to use when introducing a new, stress free, way of leaving.

WHY NOT JUST USE MY REGULAR WHEAT BAG?:  A standard Wheat Bag heats to around 50°C-55°C and this is quite a hot heat.  Animals do not like heat this hot and it can also cause thermal damage.  The ideal temperature for an animal is approximately 40°C and this is the temperature that Heat It Wheat Bags are designed to reach.  Cats can tolerate a much hotter heat but they don't actually like it.  This may explain why our little furry ones love to curl up on us or near us!  It's tempting to over heat a Heat It or even use your regular Wheat Bag but if you love your pet - DON'T!


Increased Blood Flow.  Heat It provides warmth that works by adding energy locally, increasing the metabolism of all types of cells.  The application of a Heat It Wheat Bag temporarily increases blood circulation to the affected area.  The increased blood flow to the problematic or injured area promotes healing of your pets musculoskeletal wound or injury.  The application of Heat It helps dilate the blood vessels in the injured tissues, which promotes the increased flow of oxygen and nutrients to the injured muscle helping it to heal.

Increased blood flow also serves to speed the removal of toxins from the area. This improved blood flow to the injury area means that any harmful metabolic byproducts that have accumulated in the area are washed away.

Relaxation of Muscles and Tendons. Muscle spasms can generate sensations ranging from mild discomfort to marked pain but using a Heat It Wheat Bag helps relieve muscle spasm related pain and relax your pets tight tender muscles.  Heat reduces muscle spasm by reducing tension in muscle trigger points, increasing the ability of the muscle tendon unit to relax and stretch.

This occurs because the heat reduces the viscosity of the collagen in these muscles.  Collagen is found in bone, cartilage, tendon, ligaments, skin and the sheath covering the muscle.  The application of a Heat It Wheat Bag lowers the viscosity of collagen, softening muscle and tendon enabling muscles to extend more easily.

If a Heat It Wheat Bag is applied over enough time, the muscle and tendons relax and stretch more readily.  This is the mechanism that occurs when heat is applied to muscle cramps and it can also reduce painful stiffness in joints.

Increased Range of Motion. Using a Heat It Wheat Bag relaxes muscles, which eases stiffness and improves joint mobility.  Heat therapy increases your pet's circulation and the extensibility of their connective tissue.  

Reduced Inflammation. Using a Heat It Wheat Bag can also reduce inflammation, including inflammation from various types of arthritis and from congestion in your pets tissues that is associated with sub-acute or chronic traumatic conditions of their superficial joints and muscles.

Reduced Sensation of Pain. Heat stimulates the sensory receptors, which means that using a Heat It Wheat Bag will decrease the transmission of pain signals to the brain and partially relieve the discomfort.  This means that your pet won’t experience as severe a pain as they once did.  The new sensation of warmth blocks the discomfort by taking up some of the bandwidth available to the pain signals – this means their brain focuses more on the warmth and less on the feeling of pain.  In more scientific language you are providing a “counter-irritant” to your pets painful area.

Other Benefits. There are several other significant benefits from using a Heat It Wheat Bag that make is so appealing.  Compared to most therapies, heat therapy is quite inexpensive.  Heat therapy is also easy to do – it can be done at home while relaxing or because it is a portable product it can be used anywhere there is a microwave.

Using a Heat It Wheat Bag is a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical form of pain relief, which appeals to many caring animal owners.

They are safe, effective and proudly Australian Made - we hope your pet enjoys.

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